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Artist Bio

Vaz Art biography

Originally from the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy, Raffaella Vaz has snowboarded her way around the world finally arriving in the stunning B.C. Mountains and calls the Okanagan Valley home.
Inspired by nature and formally trained in fine arts, Raffaella uses her Bachelor Degree in animation to beautifully characterize the essence of this region in her art.
Specializing in illustration, concept art and custom projects, Raffaella is an award-winning ski and snowboard graphic artist and is resident topsheet artist at Donek Snowboards in Colorado.
Raffaella, prior to her recent chronic illness was an accomplished Snowboard Coach and delivered ‘Youth in Sports’ programs in the Okanagan area.
Diagnosed in 2019 with life-threatening Lung and heart disease, Raffaella now works solely on custom art commissions and colabs.
Mother to 4-year old daughter Billie, Raffaella balances her art workload and commitments to family, thanks to her supportive and adoring husband Olympian snowboarder Crispin Lipscomb. They work together as a team at Vaz Art, creating wood, canvas and natural art pieces.

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