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'Thanks 4 my Heart and Lungs' fundraiser.

Apr 5- May 31  50% of print proceeds to VGHFoundation

In celebration of my Father-in-law's recent successful heart surgery and with deep gratitude during my own current Chronic Thrombolic Hypertension treatment, I want to spotlight and support the Vancouver General Hospital Cardio Department.

From April 5 - May 31 VazArtGallery will donate 50% of proceeds of all online order prints of my latest piece 'Moose on the Water'.

I was inspired on this painting by the strength of life and the resilience we all have inside stored up for when we need to overcome tough times.

Check out our 12"x16" quality prints or order custom sizes of 'Moose on the Water' and help support the amazing people at the VGHFoundation and their efforts to save lives.

Please go and check out my Fundraiser page at that the website for more info and to make direct and personal donations.

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